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We specialize in all range of ghostwriting genres. With greatness of words, unmatched vision and exceptional writing styles, we compose pieces and books that not only sell, but become bestsellers.



Turn your plot into a mesmerizing tale that journeys through the world of fiction, created by your idea and spun into reality with our fiction ghostwriters’ exceptional skills.



Engage your readers by touching their souls and conquering their thoughts by giving them the finest read of their life. Our non-fiction experts do magic with the conventional.



Penning down life experiences can be challenging and overwhelming. we do that in a way that it leaves a strong lasting impression on the reader’s mind.



The right mix of emotions in the memoir is what sells. It’s like time travel and we surely take your readers there, from where it all begun.



What is thriller if you want get shiver down your spine and goosebumps while you are at it? Intense, mind boggling and artful, we deliver the best.



Utterly captivating and full of climax, the right blend of twists and turns will leave your readers hooked till the end, and maybe after that too.

Your Journey to Best-Sell Shelf Space
It’s Simple and Hassle Free

We are a team of talented ghostwriters for hire with years of excellence and a zeal to devote our utmost dedication in composing impeccable content. We provide services that engage and entice the readers.

Project Brief

Once you have spoken to our consultant and shared your idea or project, it is sent to our brief deciphers. They study the genre and information and send it to the head of relevant genre. Its’ the beginning of an amazing writing journey between you and us.


The content team sits down with the author to create the action plan – it involves thorough research, piles and piles of reading, idea generations and creation of outline. We just spend time in designing the best outline for your work.

Timely Delivery:

Time is the key for here. Our excellent delivery comes with timely delivery. We do not only focus on writing but keep the quality check in place during the process. You get your written material on the time promised to you, no matter what.

Quick Delivery

Our professional ghostwriters ensure fastest and timely delivery of content. We leave no loopholes behind and scrutinize the content before submission which depicts our unmatched professionalism.

About Excel Ghostwritings
The House of Writing Maestro

Being a premium ghostwriting agency, we have been fixated to deliver the best writing solutions to our clients. We love writing and we are driven by passion to create outstanding copies and content compositions. We are proud of our team and we consider ourselves the house of writing maestros. With more than 500 venerated authors, 400 editors and proofreaders, we have catered to varying writing needs in the best possible way.

Flawless Writing Style that lead to Excellent reads

Have you been struggling in finding the right person to write for you? Well, your journey comes an end as you have landed on the right platform. We offer impeccable ghostwriting services that surpass excellence. Our team of polished, experienced and phenomenal ghost writers and venerated authors create content that captivates the readers. Our books keep the readers hooked till the end and sometimes they are overwhelmed by such a fine read. We know how to blend creativity and emotions in a way that it leaves your target audience mesmerized. Our services do not only mean excellent quality but we are committed to meet the deadlines as well; it’s a perfect combo.

Hands On with Advanced Software and Writing Tools

Other than having gifted talent to create amazing content, our writing teams and authors are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that help them in doing the job phenomenally. We run the content through massive scrutiny both manually and through the software. Also, for compiling and final edits, we run every piece through latest tools to ensure quality delivery. Let us simplify this for you; it’s like double check just to ensure that our final product is error-free and complies with international writing standards. It takes a lot of effort to create books and other content pieces that leave mark in the industry and we do it effortlessly, all for you.

Book Writing

Are You Seeking Assistance with Your Writing Needs? Explore The Widest Range of Ghostwriting Services

Your customer journey with us will be magical. Yes, we do not just treat your work specially but also you. Our par excellence customer service, quality services and dedication makes the whole experience worth it!! We have so much to offer, explore it yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's learn in detail about how to hire a ghostwriter for a book.

You might be a great writer; we are sure you are. But, even then, you might need help to complete your book flawlessly. Another perspective is just going to add value to it. We do not only create content but our services include proofreading, editing and publishing as well. It’s a package to fuel your completion effortlessly.

Our rates differ as per your project requirements. We first discuss the project details and then finalize the total amount.

We do all types of content. We create fantastic eBooks catering to all genres. We do the work and let you enjoy it by your name. It’s simple, everything we write belongs to you and only you. From books to blogs, articles to case studies and papers, we can help you with everything.

Decade is a lot of time and we have been delivering excellent work till date. We have simple policies and 100% customer centric approach. You can browse through our client testimonials to know more about us. In fact, call us to cross question, we will be able to answer you well.

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Connect with our representatives and share your idea. We will pick it up from there. Our consultants are wonderful people to talk to and our venerated ghost authors are waiting to create a fantastic book for you. Maybe this makes right to the bestselling shelf?

Still have confusion? If case you need clarity on the process, or have any other queries, feel free to have a candid conversation. Call us or write to us, we will be there to assist you in the best possible way.

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