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At Excel Ghostwriting, an exceptional company, we devote our efforts and enhance the online visibility of the content with our promising expertise. We devote our time and efforts in composing well-versed content and stories rich with the essence to captivate the readers. No matter what the genre you are looking for whether its fiction or non fiction, thriller or romance or the exotic tales of action stories, we are here to help you out. We promise to deliver inspiring content that will garner attention and keep your readers fully engrossed in the appeal.

Our Promise Of Enhanced Online Recognition

With the uncanny approach to fill papers with unmatched creativity and grasping aspects to entice the readers, we promise you with an enhanced online recognition. We bring out the captivating impact in every tale and focus on aspects that can drive unsurpassable outcomes. So, if you have a great idea popping in your mind, feel free to share it with us and let us shape it into an unforgettable story.

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It’s Simple and Hassle Free

We are a team of talented ghostwriters for hire with years of excellence and a zeal to devote our utmost dedication in composing impeccable content. We provide services that engage and entice the readers.

Project Brief

Once you have spoken to our consultant and shared your idea or project, it is sent to our brief deciphers. They study the genre and information and send it to the head of relevant genre. Its’ the beginning of an amazing writing journey between you and us.


The content team sits down with the author to create the action plan – it involves thorough research, piles and piles of reading, idea generations and creation of outline. We just spend time in designing the best outline for your work.

Timely Delivery:

Time is the key for here. Our excellent delivery comes with timely delivery. We do not only focus on writing but keep the quality check in place during the process. You get your written material on the time promised to you, no matter what.

Quick Delivery

Our professional ghostwriters ensure fastest and timely delivery of content. We leave no loopholes behind and scrutinize the content before submission which depicts our unmatched professionalism.

Our Achievements

Excel Ghostwriting, has brought about a reasonable number of writers to the forefront. Our clients range from solo writers, to big corporations as well. With almost a decade of experience we have established a strong customer base both in US and abroad as well.

9 Years Of Experience

Our time in the literary world has given us a strong following and a strong foundation of customer trust.

100+ Books Published

With the large number of sales, we have managed to reach to markets both within the U.S and overseas as well.

250+ Clients

Our customer base having reached over a 100, shows no sign of stopping, and will continue to grow.

Our Team Experienced

Our team consists of the best and most qualified writers, those who already have had works published and are well experienced in the literary field. With our advantage, you are bound to leave a mark in the writing business.

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You remain protected with our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement at all times.

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You remain protected with our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement at all times.

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You remain protected with our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement at all times.

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You remain protected with our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement at all times.

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Connect with our representatives and share your idea. We will pick it up from there. Our consultants are wonderful people to talk to and our venerated ghost authors are waiting to create a fantastic book for you. Maybe this makes right to the bestselling shelf?

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